Do you want to enjoy the old-fashioned winter fun, slide down any hill or slope in a comfortable giant inflatable snow tube? There are some tips for your reference when you choose a snow tube.

The size of snow tubes

The size of the snow tube that is based on the person that actually going to use it. The children’s snow tube is smaller than adults’. While it’s true that a child can fit into a snow tube for adults, the position would not be comfortable, so you should choose two size snow tube.

If you want to buy a snow tube for adults, it should be at least 40 inches wide.The size of the tube will also based on how many people join the ride. You need consider a commercial tube if you want to ride with multiple people at the same time.

The Weight Capacity of snow tubes

This is another important point when you choose the new snow tube. A tube that’s designed for adults needs to be able to hold at least 200 pounds in weight. Each qualified manufacturer or seller will have this information listed on the product details. snow tube

Materials & Durability

The snow tube’s durability will determine its material. Most of the snow tubes made from rubber, PVC, or vinyl. Out of these three choices, rubber is the most durable one, and the others can make decent products depending on the treatment they had to withstand low temperatures.

It’s also important for the snow tube’s durability is the weight of the person who using it.You may encounter bumps when you downhill. You should look for snow tubes that are made with materials that treated to make them resistant to low temperatures.

The Design of snow tubes

The good design snow tube will be comfortable with the attractive look. A comfortable snow tube based on the speed and the ease of use of,it needs to slide smoothly down but it also should be easy to inflate and have side handles that allow you get a better grip.Some snow tubes have designs that are made to be attractive with some models being shaped,having really playful prints, or being covered in vivid colors.

The Valve of snow tubes

Before you settle the snow tube, you also should check the valve.Some snow tubes’ valves that can be connect the air pumps,so you can easier and faster inflate.